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Cesar Biojo

Interested in the way we, humans, perceive ourselves as a part of this universe, Cesar Biojo's (1981, Cali/Colombia) work focuses on the fragility of human existence, its ephemeral nature and the conflicts this generates within the self. He defines his work as the controlled result of multiple accidents; the coexistence of two opposites - creation and destruction.
Cesar Biojo holds a degree in Fine Arts from Florida State University and a Ph.D. in Art Research from the University of Barcelona. His latest works consist of oil portraits created from pictorial resources such as deconstruction, which recovers in some cases post-impressionistic styles, resulting in a personal language that makes his art project one of the most interesting in the art contemporary scene. Taking as a starting point the quote of Jean Paul Sartre, "The gaze of the other makes us aware of ourselves", his work becomes a study of human beings, their conflicts, their nature and their very existence. Using the facilities offered by portraiture, the work of Cesar Biojo explores (without the) hidden emotions that lie behind the eyes, forcing us to participate in the work as being equally observed by the sitter. In this way (without the) time values are being introduced, which demonstrate concepts inherent in the human beings such as creation and destruction, the perishable and the ephemeral. His work has taken part in a number of national and international exhibitions. He lives and works in Barcelona/Spain and Philadelphia/USA.