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Hans Wilschut

With his large-format camera in tow, Hans Wilschut traverses the world as a global nomad. While based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the photographer may be found in any major city at any given time, from Lagos and Shanghai to Seoul or Johannesburg. Regardless of his locale, Wilschut is usually doing the same thing — exploring the city as a keen observer, and trying to make sense of the vast changes taking place in emerging global megacities through his camera.

Whether depicting the changing architecture of the city, the population explosion, new construction, or the evolving patterns of development outside of urban centers, Wilschut allows the city to speak for itself. While his photographs are generally void of human presence, instead focusing on lifeless cement and glass architecture, his images nonetheless speak to the social fabric of daily life and of its unseen inhabitants.

Many of Wilschut’s images are physically demanding, requiring a skylight or complex negotiation with the inhabitants of neighboring buildings. As the cities that Wilschut photographs are vast, so must his images be, and he makes a concerted effort to get the right viewpoint that shows the city from a nuanced perspective.