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Hans Wilschut

In art academy I used to study painting and in my approach to photography this can still be found. My work originates from the urban world. My photographs are lyric reflections on the increasingly built-up surroundings. An underlying social theme can often be found in my photographic work.
Although photographers often develop a subject in series, I have mostly avoided this to a great extend. My photographic research aims to create unique images which exist in their own right- in this sense they are related to paintings. Over the years groups of work were gathered and common themes can be discovered. They are ongoing projects that do not necessary have to reach a state of completion.
My images do not criticize; instead, more than anything, they show what only the photographic eye can see. Very clear and highly detailed photographs in huge formats entice viewers while at the same time presenting them with a riddle: what exactly are we looking at here?
My work demands consciousness; it wants to have an impact in the world. My subjects are more distant and, at the same time, more fundamental: it is our relationship with the world around us. I intend to define community in terms of common property: look, this is what we have made, this is how we live, this is how we care. For here lies the paradoxical power of distance in my work: the things we have made, our highways, cranes, and highrises, storage centres, parks, and neighbourhoods, ultimately show us an image of ourselves. © Hans Wilschut (1966, Ridderkerk/the Netherlands)