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Torsten Solin

"My main concerns are the mechanisms of perception and consciousness during the construction of identity, reality and truth." © Torsten Solin (1972, Jena/Germany)

For the BROKEN MIRRORS series, Torsten Solin broke various round and
rectangular mirrors and rearranged the broken shards in a controlled though irregular manner, in which the distortions are eminent.
The resulting distortion of the face and body leave the mirrored image to be recognized as a whole. However, it also creates at the same time a new, unfamiliar reproduction of the reality that is not only questioning the truth of the reflected image, but also the photography itself.
The Broken Mirror is Solin’s Metaphor for the filter of subjective perception and its role in the mechanisms of construction of identity, reality and truth. It is the contention of the impossibility of any objectivity.