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Henrik Schrat Painting GDR - Henrik Schrat Painting GDR - 5 Pieces Gallery - Contemporary Art & Photography

Henrik Schrat


34 x 27 cm
Hand signed by the artist

The intricate wood inlay work is produced from several types of wood, and polished afterwards. Mirrors have been inserted. The use of the traditional technique of wood inlay (marquetry) gives the art pieces a strong presence. The difference between the old and slow wood technique and the contemporary and comic – like imagery produce an extremly intresting style. Its a quirky object, more an object as an image somehow. Adding to this are the mirrors, getting a type of kitsch – pop aspect into play. So we come to an ironic, self reflexive art piece, haptic attractive, old fasioned and futuristic at the same time. The artist statet 'it should look like a piece of mini-furniture you could buy at an ethno – flee – market in Indonesia on the beach. And than turns out to come from outer space...“ They belong to a series of work, called 'Peters Journey to the moon“ consisting of 12 works and 12 related so called 'Essences'. The 'Essences' are produced as an edition of 15 pieces each, which makes them relative to their value very affordable. Since wood is never the same, every copie is unique of course, and your exemplar might differ slightly from what you see here.

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