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Mira Gaberova Painting Sun and Moon 1 - Mira Gaberova Painting Sun and Moon 1 - 5 Pieces Gallery - Contemporary Art & Photography

Mira Gaberova

Sun and Moon 1

120 x 85 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Hand signed by the artist

Ships in 5 to 10 days from Czech Republic.

A new series of golden paintings based on placing layers of different kinds of golden acrylic sprays on canvas, thus I create an illusion of space. With the multiplying and overexposing of a baroque ornament all in gold, I wanted to create a new view of painting icons, to let the viewer be caught by the glow and reflection of the golden surface of the paintings. The use of ornamental motives only creates an anti-story esthetics, which is the concept of these works.

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