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Birgit Pleschberger

The artistic language of Birgit Pleschberger (1978, Villach/Austria) is mainly in the field of drawing. She works mostly with black chalk, uses only rarely and discreet color and her work is often composed of several individual parts together. In the more recent works of Birgit Pleschberger nature is given more importance. The series "Earth" includes a total of 20 drawings / collages in the size of 40x28,4cm each. In each case 4 works belong to one block. Earth, water, wood, fire and metal as the 5 phases of change in eastern philosophy form the basis for the work.
Birgit Pleschberger has exhibited her works in solo and group exhibitions, among others in Vienna, Innsbruck (Austria), Rotterdam (Amsterdam), Brussels (Belgium) and Prague (Czech Republic). In 2009 she was awarded the Förderpreis des Landes Salzburg.

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