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Udo Hohenberger

Udo Hohenberger (1967, Spittal an der Drau/Austria) studied painting at the New Vienna School of Arts. He uses a very distinctive approach in his work consisting of figurative shapes, lines and forms which often disappear behind specific colored areas to be penetrated again in unexpected places on his canvas. He makes use of his color translucently in order for it not to dominate the whole painting but to correspond to the movement of his line. The abstract version of his deformed human figures can be easily identified in his paintings, floating autonomously on the background of his canvas. The characteristic movement which describes the linear layouts of his forms is unique and reveals his personal artistic style. The immateriality of the human figures in his art creates a strong reference to various notions of spirituality. Udo Hohenberger has exhibited in many art institutions including the Ariadne Gallery in Vienna and the Baroque Schlössl, Mistelbach, NE.

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