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Corinna Rosteck

Corinna Rosteck, born in Hameln and raised in Ibiza, is a freelance artist in the field of photography, video and installation. After scholarships in London, Paris, New York and Japan, she now lives and works in Berlin. Teaching and lecturing in New York, Dresden, Frankfurt and Berlin, her works are shown in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, as well as at fairs, etc. presented in the Arab world/Art Dubai/Art Abu Dhabi.

In addition to her position on the art market, Corinna Rosteck has designed and created art- in-public space- projects with well-known companies from the water industry, energy and medical technology, such as B.Braun AG, Vattenfall AG, Airbus AG, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, and many others. She is a member of the German Society for Photography, Cologne, DGPH, and the Professional Association of Visual Artists, BBK and the German Artists' Association.

Movement is the central subject in the works of Corinna Rosteck. One focus of her artistic work lies in the fascination of water. Her gaze concentrates on the liquid, other states of aggregation, characteristic wave movements, the manifold refractions of light and reflections.

The artistic intention of Corinna Rosteck creates connections between photography and painting and expands them through spatial or context-related installations. The artist has developed special printing techniques on special materials and surfaces that are unique in terms of lighting technology. The reflective image carrier picks up on this theme, allowing the viewer to experience the changing of perception in the interior as well as the exterior.


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