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Lluís Barba

My works are based on a critical and social, which contrasts with the language used by the author of the masterpiece
Made a subjective review of past art and structured a relationship between contemporary historical personalities.
In the characters in my works incorporate the barcode as a tattoo, a symbol of loss of individual identity, validation and alignment.
The decision to incorporate characters in works of the past came up thinking about how our brain has to receive external afferents, since the image we receive through the retina to the hypothalamus comes fragmented, which reconstructs a virtual image reasoned based on the evolutionary parameters of our species.
At the conceptual attempt to do my bit to society, I worry about using themes such as intolerance, isolation, social pressure, dehumanization, handling, hunger and mass consumption.
Along with the old masters have introduced contemporary artists from different disciplines, such as Jeff Koons, McCarthy, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Cattelan, Miró, Matthew Barney, Richter, Rothko, Vanessa Beecroft..., is a contrast antagonistic generating a new reading of art.
My relationship with the works of the past is one of admiration and respect. Many of the old masters were able to provide us with sufficient evidence for the existence of contemporary art.
If that is for someone to think about my speech, it's good news. - Lluís Barba Cantos (1952, Barcelona/Spain)

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