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Carsten Witte

Carsten Witte's (1964, Hamburg/Germany) beauties are naked but never bare. They rather seem to feel secure in the superposing shadows. The interpretation of his works is basically left to the beholder but as a matter of fact he is subtly directing the view through his mise-en-scène. An US magazine called him the „David Lynch of fashion photography“. His images are mystery plays, you never know exactly what is going on. Carsten Witte offers the parts but everyone has to solve the mystery himself.
“One main idea behind my work is the belief that everything is constantly changing but photography can preserve the moment. Beauty is almost nothing without the knowledge of how fast it will fade…” We see that idea come to life in these photographs where attractive faces show marks of decaying skin and skulls. The contrast between the soft, beautiful portraits and the harsh skeletal overlays is mesmerizing.

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