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Michal Czinege

Michal Czinege (1980, Bratislava/Slovakia) is a Slovak-born visual artist currently based in Finland. Czinege is best known for his paintings, at the core of which are conceptions of visual perception and his interest to analyse boundaries between the recognizable and unrecognizable. Czinege often focuses on things that may seem inconspicuous to an inattentive observer, but by means of “zooming in” confront the way we perceive the world and relate to it. Fragmentation of an image, and subsequently its reconstruction and recovery are key notions in understanding Michal Czinege’s approach.
Having always merged painting with spatial elements and objects, Czinege’s recent work extends increasingly beyond the painted surface and moves at the intersection of painting and installation art.
Michal Czinege received a doctoral degree from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2011. He was assistant professor at the painting department of the academy until moving to Finland in 2015. Czinege’s work is represented in several European art collections and has been displayed internationally both in solo and group exhibitions, including the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, Q21 at Museumsquartier in Vienna and MUU Gallery in Helsinki.

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