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Charlotte Bastian

I approach my topics using different media and from different angles: etching, painting, animated film / video, photography and woodcut. In doing so I explore the boundary between representational landscape art and the abstract invention of surface structure. Picture contents consist, for instance, of the shrinking / melting / breaking of eternal ice or the relentless removal of land that results from mining – different forms of upheaval in landscapes, caused directly or indirectly by humans. The topic of change by human intervention in relation to specific landscapes preoccupies me. For no matter how destructive such changes are, there is something timeless, even deceptively romantic about images of these changes. In art history, landscape painting is an age-old topic that has always also embodied a longing for nature, for tranquility, harmony and the primeval. My depictions of landscapes reflect the contradiction between what is and what one would like to see. For me the point is not to illustrate familiar processes, but to convincingly present a visual language that allows my works to be read in different ways. It is up to viewers to figure out what they are seeing. © Charlotte Bastian (1974, Berlin/Germany)

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