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Emerging Art

A general category for contemporary artworks created by young artists whose careers are on the rise. You’ll find here outstanding paintings, drawings, prints, and photography by upcoming emerging artists of great promise from around the world. These younger artists are relatively under-recognized but for the most part considered on the path to critical and/or market acceptance. While characteristically championed by smaller galleries and art fairs focused on younger artists, larger galleries and institutions regularly focus their energy on so-called emerging artists to define new styles and careers. Collecting work by emerging artists is a good way to start investing in art. Artworks by emerging artists such as the ones you can find here have the potential to increase in value, they are easy to access and more affordable than bigger name artists. Buying art as an investment might not be your focus and you may never want to sell the works you buy. But even so, it's exciting to realize that the works you are collecting could be by a future art superstar and that you were among the first collectors. Most of the young artists you’ll find here are coming out of MA programmes from the best art schools of the world and were master students of great artists such as Georg Baselitz and Jörg Immendorff. 5 Pieces Gallery Emerging is your resource to discover well-educated emerging artists.

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