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Florian Pelka

Florian Pelka (1971, Berlin/Germany) has graduated from the Universität der Künste Berlin as a master student of Georg Baselitz. He is working on mythological subjects as well as on phenomena of light in our digital world. Contemporary quotations are crossed with icons of art history. The differences and contradictions of themes mean to me a lively space of interference and a counterpart to the seductive material of color. In his painting, immediately clear, figurative elements merge with diffuse abstract parts. These elements veil space and perspective, regulate the modulation of light, construct connections or even lop alleged contextual references that seem to communicate with each other. From these develop staggered, roaming, layered and sprawling areas representing steam, clouds, earth and water and that simultaneously and urgently connote a game with the fascinating coloristic opportunities that open during the painting process.

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