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Helmut Grill

Since 1991 I have devoted my time fully to the arts, leaving behind my previous profession as a “digital manipulator” of advertising visuals. Quickly understanding that a wide horizon inspires my work, I started to explore. Over the last 25 years I have learned a lot about my individual, conscious and subconscious approaches to values and emotions that influence my thinking. Going through many different stages, my thoughts were always focused on Homo Sapiens.

Even though most of the time there is no human being pictured, we are always there, represented by all our inventions, feelings, needs, wishes … shown through different kinds of "left overs“. I love to play with opposites. Not everything I show should be taken too seriously. Mostly I want to move in a direction that is opposite to expectations.

My latest series "Temples“ is reacting to what happens around us. Religions are changing, they always were. They disappear and others pop up. It is just a matter of time. But what is your religion now ? Are you still surfing on the ruins of our history, or did you step into the new faith generation? Do you 'believe“ in yourself? More than you should, bringing it up to a big ME, ME, ME ? Are you full of desire, dying for sex, money, luxury, fashion or even the arts? Is it never enough? Do you literally kneel in front of your desires, do you feel lonely without them? Go close and watch the temples, maybe find yourself, maybe your biggest enemy. And then, if you think you understood, start thinking the opposite.

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