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Marta Czene

„Recently I have been working on a research of narration on my paintings. I’m trying to give the impression of story telling by putting independent images on one board, next to each other. The idea came from the method of movie editing. I’ve noticed that even a rapid change in the object, or the point of view suggests a row of different events, whereas story telling painted in a conventional way is normally the depiction of a characteristic moment in a single space. I am intended to show space or things happening in that space as if one would be looking around with a camera. Of course this method breaks the space and time of the story, making it a pseudo narration, not told but alluded to by the painting. I want the viewer to use the storyboard-like sequences of my paintings as a starting point, and fill it with their own related thoughts. On my latest works, when mixing seemingly non connected images I do not always separate them. Sometimes I use the background as a panorama, or a black background colour to connect images which might still be shown from different viewpoints.” © Marta Czene (1982, Budapest/Hungary)

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