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Art Consulting

Art transforms the spaces in which we live and work. It enhances and enriches our surroundings while offering the subtle image of culture and accomplishment. At the same time, art is a good financial investment. Whether for a one-time purchase or as part of a long-term collecting strategy, making a wise, carefully researched decision to purchase a work of art is critical.

With the collector's wishes and requirements in mind, we can put together the right art investment portfolio with an eye both to the enjoyment derived from the pieces and the generation of financial returns. 5 Pieces Gallery provides fine art consulting services to help you to acquire exciting artwork which will inspire, complement, and enhance your space.

Art Advisory for Private Individuals

For private individuals, investing in contemporary art pieces with a view to reselling has many advantages. The returns tend to be better than those generated by shares, real estate and bonds. The private investor can use a personal pension or liquid assets, investing as a single individual or joining forces with a group of friends. There are numerous options and real advantages to be had – including tax benefits -- not to mention the gratification derived from having the pieces hanging on the wall even as they continuously increase in value.

5 Pieces Gallery offers a variety of services to clients interested in purchasing quality works of art. Our strength lies in assisting our clients in identifying artworks for procuring an art collection specific to their personal needs. Art advisory services include recommending purchases of artwork appropriate to each collector, developing a single-purchase or multiple-purchase buying strategy, coordinating purchases and completing transactions on behalf of clients, sourcing works of art at the market, and evaluating market prices.

The professionals at 5 Pieces Gallery are not only experts in art but in its fusion with design. Our ever-growing portfolio of artwork in a wide range of styles, artists and price-points can fulfill any design concept, whether traditional or contemporary. Whatever you need we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to fulfill your requirements quickly, creatively and cost-effectively.

We invite you to send us your specific inquiries and we will explore how our services can help save you valuable time and money and make your entire experience a wonderful art adventure. We do not charge any consulting fees.

Corporate Art Consulting

Corporate art creates a link that communicates with both clients and staff, as well as supporting the arts and providing an investment. Studies suggest that art plays a significant role in encouraging employment growth, creating a more pleasant and productive workplace environment and increasing brand awareness and equity. Believing that an art program should always reflect the vision of a corporation and enhance the corporate identity, we view our clients as partners in the creative process.

Whether it's the signature piece for your lobby or hundreds of pieces for the entire space, we provide an array of services that include concept development, budget formulation, site-specific commissions, custom framing, delivery and documentation.

Print Care

With proper care all 5 Pieces Gallery prints will last a lifetime before noticeable fading occurs.

For maximum longevity, always frame the print under glass (UV filtering is best) to protect the print from environmental pollutants and never display it in direct sunlight where there is strong ultraviolet radiation. Only allow acid-free backing sheet or better framing materials to come in contact with the print. A fillet to separate the glass from the artwork and aluminum rebate tape if the image printed to the edges is recommended.

Be careful not to scratch the print and avoid touching the image whenever possible or get it wet because it is not coated with a sealant. Do not hang the work in damp conditions or near a heat source such as a radiator or hot water pipes. Do not attempt to clean or polish your artwork. If your print is framed properly with a dust cover on the back, the print itself should never need to be cleaned. To clean the glass use a light mist and never allow any fluid to leak between the glass and the frame. If you plan on storing your print unframed, please ensure that it is kept flat in a dry environment, packaged in acid-free material.